If you are running a fish farm, you need to have water and oxygen recirculated at all times. Re-circulating aquaculture systems usually depend on power for pumping, aeration and filtration. Critically low levels of dissolved oxygen in the water will have the fish gasping just below the surface about 10 minutes after a power cut. And fish in this situation could have as little as 10 minutes to live, if well-oxygenated water is not made available quickly. If you are running on a grid system and the power goes out, you need to act fast with alternative power such as solar.

With our Solar Solutions, we can help you power your pump for irrigation to save your fish in an emergency, by recirculating water in the system.

Use our Solar Solutions to:

  • reduce the temperature;
  • allow more oxygen into the fish tanks; and
  • dilute the metabolic wastes in the tanks.