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Portable Air Conditioners for Home

There’s no place like home. If it’s too hot outside, our ultra-quiet air-conditioning systems keep the air in the room fresh. In the cold season, systems with a heat pump function can keep you warm, too. In well-regulated combination with oil and gas-fired heating, they considerably reduce the CO2 emissions of your heating system

Portable Air Conditioners for Home

We supply, install and maintain NEL Portable Air conditioners which have a coverage areas of 29m². With heating carried out by a heat pump, the unit is very economical to use. Can be installed in minutes by a home owner, and moved from room to room as desired.

  • 1.2 lit/hr moisture removal
  • Operates off 220V mains plug
  • Remote control
  • Airconditions areas up to 29m²
  • Indoor airflow up to 380m³/hr
  • Backed nationwide by Alliance


We ensure that the environmental management system is part of the overall strategy of  our organization. This includes making sure that is alignments with the corporate strategy in order to make an environmental impact.






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