In the urban towns, Zambians take for granted that light bulbs will turn on with the flick of a switch; that they can access unlimited power to charge various devices; and that their well-stocked fridges and air-conditioned homes will maintain just the right temperature.

But as anyone who has experienced load shedding or found themselves going for a 3 day major blackout due to a faulty transformer will attest, if these precious amenities are taken away, life largely comes to a halt.

Yet for all our dependency on power, some Zambian people in rural areas do not have access to it at all. With our off grid solar system for any application, these are the problems we are trying to solve. In the video below, we demonstrate how we connected houses in a village in Lundazi with a 5KW solar system which has been working since 2017. This system lights up 6 houses with daily uninterruptedĀ  usage of 4 TV sets and a sewing machine.

Ndkay Zambia believes in improving lives for Zambian citizens, its for this reason we are available to work with you to power up your village.