Air conditioning is a necessity in medication storerooms. When the temperature inside a medicine storeroom is incorrect, the performance of the product can be compromised which, in turn, could put patients at risk. As such, it’s crucial that the room is set to the appropriate temperature, which may require the installation of an air conditioning system.

Different medical supplies will need to be stored in different conditions to ensure they keep their potency. As such, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s recommended storage advice to know exactly what temperature the medication room will need to be set at.

If the manufacturer’s label on the products states that they are ‘room temperature medicines’, then they will need to stored below 25ºC. In this case, an air conditioning system will need to be installed to prevent the temperatures from falling out of the recommended range.

In Zambia, Medical Stores Limited was searching for a high efficiency, reliable air conditioning system. Ndkay Zambia with our wealth of industry experience, helped comply with requirements to ensure all medical products are kept in the recommended storage conditions with the installation at 8 medical store hubs. For a lighter and easy install, we used Fabric Duct to achieve ducted rooftop economy cooling units that save costs significantly.


Medical Stores Limited Wall of Honor

Medical Stores Limited Wall of Honor

Our  240kw Solar and 4x 110KW Rooftop Air Conditioning units at Medical Stores