Ndkay Zambia is one of the leading suppliers of water pumps in Zambia, with expertise in the supply of solar panels, solar water pumps, inverters and controllers. In addition, this company also stocks Air Conditioning equipment.

We understand the cash limitations for many Zambians to buy quality products, this is why we have Partnered with W.Giertsen Energy Solutions of Norway by offering Solar Powered Irrigation Solutions and Home Solar Systems to all Zambians on payment terms based on Salary, Loan Accessibility or DDACC.

Available products include:

  • Solar Irrigation Solutions.
  • SuperCap Energy Storage with a 40 year life span.
  • Solar Freezers.

Our current empowerment initiative on solar water pumping kits includes purchase on a lease finance by Agricultural Lease Finance Company(Agleasco), with this initiative, interest rate and VAT are taken care of by Musika Development Initiative.

An initial 25% deposit from the client is required on approval while the balance is paid in 24-48 months depending on pump size. Our fully installed pump kits come complete with AC/DC dual power pump or DC only, solar panels, cables, controller, mounting structure, connectors, poly pipes and safety rope for the pump.

Agricultural Lease Finance Company is an arm of the Germany Development Bank KFW


  • Small Waterbox with pump size 1.1HP
  • Medium Waterbox pump size range from 1.5hp to 2.5hp
  • Large Waterbox with pump size 2.7hp to 3.5hp

In the pictures below, Ndkay makes a Presentation with Musika to Zambian Farmers on the benefits of Solar Solutions, the available options as well as Lease Financing opportunities.