Solar Systems upto 10KW

Ndkay Zambia is the local representative of Norwegian partners W. Giertsen Solar Energy Solutions. Ndkay is also working with Solar & Health Consortium starting with their pilot projects around rural Zambia in 2017.

Ndkay Zambia provides solutions such as design and installation of Offgrid Systems, Solar Pumping Solutions, Solar Back Up Systems for critical areas like Clinics, Labs and Domestic Solar Solutions.

With solar, Ndkay Zambia is encouraging green living and helping preserve the natural environment for future generations as Solar helps the community pull through especially at this time when load shadding is at its peak and hydro electricity tariffs are high.
Ndkay Zambia is commited to rural communities. We are currently working with our partners on developing solutions for rural schools where ICT is a challenge for rural based students because we believe these areas need specific tailored systems.

Through the United Nations Agencies, we are in the process of supporting  Solar4Health Consortium in providing access to Health Care through Solar at night. In most rural communities, health posts do not operate during night hours as they are not electrified.